It's Cold Outside, but ....

Beat the cold, and extend the seasonal interest with simple gardening activities you can do in winter.

Big and bold, Amaryllis provides warm cheer on a cold winter day. Pot up some bulbs from your favorite garden center or online source in late fall or early winter. The pot should be only a few inches wider than the bulb. Add good potting soil, and be sure to leave the top quarter of the bulb exposed to prevent rot at the crown. Keep the soil slightly moist with tepid water, and place in a sunny spot. Bulbs will bloom 6-8 weeks after planting.

The birds seem especially busy on cold and snowy days. This bluejay appreciates a drink of water on a stormy winter day. Birds liven the winter garden, and you can easily attract them with a bird feeder and a simple source of heated water. Chances are, you will see other wildlife taking sips as well.

A garden filled with native trees, shrubs and perennials will provide food, shelter, perches and nesting sites for birds and other wildlife all year long.

Fast forward spring by forcing branches of early flowering trees and shrubs. Shown here is a Witchhazel, Hamamelis 'Diane'. I snipped this branch on a warmer day, when I noticed the flower buds were swelling, and placed it in a vase of water. Overnight the buds unfurled to reveal spidery, slightly fragrant blossoms. And there's still plenty more to come when the plant blooms outside.

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