Welcome nature

Gardens offer us a wealth of beauty, color, texture and fragrance. But gardens can have much greater meaning and value if we accept a more natural approach. By welcoming more nature into our gardens, we can build a stronger connection with the environment.

When we linger to look, listen and smell what our gardens have to offer, we discover new delights. We notice all sorts of life bustling among the flowers, foliage and soil. We are also more likely to develop a greater appreciation for the diversity of insects, of which the majority are performing valuable tasks that benefit the web of life. We become more tolerant to things being nibbled or disturbed by other living creatures when we appreciate the role our gardens play in a bigger picture.

Some simple ways to increase the ecological quality our or gardens include:

  1. Plant a diverse mix of native plants

  2. Avoid and replace invasive, exotic plants that outcompete with more valuable native ones

  3. Plant in vertical layers with trees, shrubs and ground-covering plants

  4. Fill vacant spaces with plants that reduce the need for mulch

  5. Choose organic gardening and landscaping methods

  6. Avoid pesticides

  7. Reduce mowed lawn areas, and let some areas grow longer, or into a meadow

  8. Provide large, flat stones for butterflies to rest in the warm sun

  9. Include native evergreens to provide winter protection for birds

  10. Offer water

  11. Create a brush pile

  12. Leave some areas of the yard a little more wild

  13. Allow fallen leaves to remain in place under shrubs and wooded areas

  14. Leave some dead wood, either on the tree (if it will not fall and cause harm) or as undisturbed fallen branches

Allowing for more nature in my own garden has increased my respect for the wider web of life and has expanded my level of interest and purpose beyond simply gardening for flowers.

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