Off the Drawing Board

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Landscape designs encompass a variety of information that needs to be clearly conveyed for clients and installers to fully understand. I find the most effective way to present the overall concept for my landscape designs is twofold: a plan view (or top view) and perspective views.

A 2D plan is an essential tool for showing the horizontal arrangement of a space and its elements such as a patio or walkway, furniture and plants and their relationship to a building, driveway, or wall. But vertical scale, massing, and elevation changes are not evident in plan view, and a 3D perspective image can make the design substantially easier to understand.

Traditionally, elevation views have been used to show the vertical elements of a design, such as a wall facade, but this flat view is not what you see in real life, and is even less helpful for describing a landscape design. Hand-built models are another way to convey proposed changes to a site, but are very time consuming to do well. Hand-drawn perspective images can be stunning and evocative, but also require significant time to execute.

Computer-aided design, on the other hand, allows a landscape designer to efficiently create a series of perspective images from different vantage points, that accurately reflect the location, elevation, and scale of elements of a plan. Changes to the design can be quickly and easily reflected in computer-generated perspective images.

The ability to create a landscape design simultaneously in 2D and 3D is a very powerful way to be able to understand a site and what design changes will improve the look and function of a landscape. Presenting the design in plan view with accurate perspective images allows my clients to more fully visualize the landscape design I have proposed. With this information in hand, my clients are able to make better-informed decisions about their landscape project. Contractors also can understand the nuances of the design more clearly, resulting in more accurate cost estimating and installation that reflects the design intent.

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