Birds in the Winter Garden

Attracting birds is a great way to enjoy your garden in winter. If you locate birdbaths and feeders where you can view them from different rooms in your home, all sorts of birds will enliven the winter garden with color and activity.

A squirrel-proof feeder will ensure you are feeding the birds rather than squirrels and raccoons. Hulled sunflower seeds will reduce the mess and allelopathic compounds that can harm garden plants while attracting a variety of birds, including Titmice, Chicadees, Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Bluejays, and Finches. Other birds, including turkeys and hawks, will be atttracted to the activity as well.

A heated birdbath plugged into a weather-proof electric outlet is an easy way to offer a steady supply of necessary water. Birds have found a source of fresh water at this inexpensive model throughout blizzards and sub-zero arctic blasts. Adding fresh, clean water every day or so and an occasional thorough cleaning will keep the birds healthy.

Make your garden bird friendly by offering a variety of perches with woody plants and structures at different heights.

Evergreens provide important cover from predators.

Save on the cost of seed and grow your own sunflowers. Leave the plants standing over winter for finches to enjoy.

Grow berry-producing plants. Easy-care winterberry adds holiday color and is a delight to birds after several hard freezes.

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